Ocean Carriers

Ocean Carrier Services in the Port of Boston

Some of the world's largest container carriers call at the Port of Boston, opening up markets to more than 100 ports around the globe. The Port of Boston's trading areas include Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South Asia, and the Middle East.

The Port of Boston is served twice weekly by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

  • MSC offers a weekly service from Europe (Bremerhaven, Felixstowe, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and LeHavre) with Boston as the second U.S. port inbound.
  • MSC offers a weekly service from the Mediterranean (Valencia, Gioia Tauro, Naples, Leghorn, La Spezia, Valencia, and Sines) with Boston as the first U.S. port inbound.

China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) and its partners, "K" Line, Yang Ming Line, and Hanjin call Boston weekly, providing direct service between Boston and ports in China (Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yokohama).

Boston is New England’s gateway to the Midwest via truck. Cargo off-loaded in Boston can reach Chicago in 24 hours by truck. 

The following container carriers offer service to Boston:

Steamship Line  Trade Area  Frequency 
China Ocean Shipping Co.
Tel: (800) 242-7354
China, Japan,
SE Asia
Direct Weekly Service To Asia (AWE-2)
Hanjin Shipping Co, Ltd.
Tel: (781) 849-3130
Fax: (781) 849-1539
China, Japan
Asia, Indian sub-continent
Direct Weekly Service to Asia (AWE-2)
K Line America, Inc.
Tel: (781) 961-9595
Fax (781) 986-3659
"K" Line
Japan, China Direct Weekly Service to Asia (AWE-2)
Mediterranean Shipping Co.
Tel: (978) 532-3712
Fax: (978) 532-3718
E/W Mediterranean,
Middle East
Direct Weekly Service from Europe and from the Mediterranean
Yang Ming Line
Agent: Moran Shipping
Tel: (617) 443-0616
Fax: (617) 428-6037
Yang Ming
China, Japan,
SE Asia
Direct Weekly
Service to Asia (AWE-2)