Gate and Yard Automated System

Track Containers Online or By Phone

The Tideworks Technology® Mainsail Terminal Operating System Forecast module provides Conley Terminal customers with real-time Web-based access to the terminal’s database. The application is used by trucking companies, brokers, consignees, and shippers to retrieve immediate container and booking data.Terminal customers must register for the Forecast module for access to terminal information, such as the ability to check container availability, bookings, and vessel schedules.

The formal registration process will take just a few minutes to complete. Please follow the instructions below:

1.  You must determine a “Primary Administrator.” This individual will manage your entire company’s user accounts.

2.  Choose your “Company Type” - Broker/Freight Forwarder, Consignee, Shipper, Trucker, or NCC Agent.

3.  Go to: and register as a “New Member Registration.”

4.  Click on the Link “Sign-Up Today!” However, if you receive a message telling you to e-mail someone in your company, that indicates a “Primary Administrator” has already been established and has control of your company's registration process. You must contact the individual listed and request enrollment. 

5.  Complete the company profile information, review the agreement, confirm your acceptance, and submit the registration form. The system will acknowledge receipt of your registration.

6.  You will receive an e-mail assigning you with a login and password.

7.  Return to: and login. You will be given an opportunity to change your password at this time if you desire.

8.  You may now register any additional company users by first clicking the red “Admin” tab and then the “Accounts” tab. Follow the directions to “Add User.”

If you have any questions or need assistance during the registration process, please contact:

Conley Terminal Claims & Customer Service Manager