Non-Commercial Photography Guidelines

Guidelines for Non-Commercial Photography on Massport Properties

1.  Applicability.   These guidelines apply to non-commercial photography (digital and conventional), videography, filming, and the recording of images (“Photography”) by any means on Massport properties. Persons interested in photography for commercial purposes or persons with questions should contact Massport’s Strategic Communications and Marketing Department at 617-568-3100 or Guidelines for the press and other news media can be found here.

2.   Guidelines.  Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes is allowed on those portions of Massport properties open to the public, subject to the following:

 a. As part of Massport’s efforts to provide for the safety and security of the users of its facilities, Photography may prompt law enforcement officers or Massport personnel to approach you and ask you questions. If, as a result, a law enforcement officer determines that there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause that you are engaged in or about to engage in criminal activity, you may be subject to search of your person or property, detention, arrest or other such law enforcement action as is appropriate under the circumstances.

 b. Restrictions on the use of cameras or other recording equipment in the Restricted Area of a Massport-operated airport are contained in 740 CMR 30.21 and are restated below. 

 c. The Transportation Security Administration policy regarding filming and photography at checkpoints can be found here

740 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) - Airport Security
30.21  Use of Cameras or Other Recording Equipment in Restricted Area.  (Restricted Areas are any area of the Airport to which the public does not have authorized access.)
 The use of a camera or electronic image recording equipment in a Restricted Area of an Airport that could reasonably be perceived as recording or attempting to record the image of an Airport security or emergency response measure is prohibited, unless authorized by the Authority.

 At the Authority’s request, the user or owner shall surrender any media reasonably believed to have been used to store photographic or electronic images of a security or emergency response measure in a Restricted Area of an Airport.  The Authority may confiscate any such media if the owner or user refuses to surrender it upon request.