Expedited Travel Options

The following programs offer Massport customers important benefits that make travel easier.

Global Entry Logo

Global Entry members can skip the traditional customs process and use automated kiosks at Logan Airport and other major US airports for a $100 enrollment fee.

TSA Logo

U.S. citizens who participate in the TSA Pre-Check program no longer have to remove shoes, belts, light outerwear, laptops from bags, or 3-1-1 compliant bags from carry-on luggage. Currently offered in Terminal A, the American Airlines side of Terminal B and Terminal C.

Passport gold logo

Lexus Parking Passport members are always guaranteed parking even when the garage sign says “Full” for a one-time $200 enrollment fee and $100 annual membership.

Exit express logo

Exit Express gives travelers a fast and convenient way in and out of Logan’s garages. A $5 account activation fee establishes an account. Travelers pay for parking at any Logan garage by waving a Exit Express card at a reader instead of pulling a ticket.