Security and Complimentary Services

When you park at Boston Logan, in addition to the convenience of having your car here at the airport, you can also enjoy peace of mind with our security patrols and complimentary services including lockouts and battery starts.


Parking areas are patrolled 24 hours by Massport parking attendants and Massachusetts State Police (Troop F).

Emergency call boxes are next to elevators and in other prominent locations. They are identifiable by red signs.

Massport recommends that you always:

  • lock your car
  • take your ticket with you
  • mark the location (level and row) where you park on your ticket
  • do not leave valuables in your vehicle

Customer comment cards are available at all parking attendant booths. You may also call the Customer Comment Line at (617) 561-1989.

Complimentary Services

As a courtesy to our parking customers, Massport provides the following services free of charge:

  • Jump starts
  • Help with lock outs
  • Lost car searches
  • Air for deflated or flat tires

For assistance, please contact the Parking Supervisors office at (617) 561-1673 or use the emergency call boxes located throughout the garages.

Attendant Assisted Parking

When parking is in high demand, attendants assist in parking vehicles. 

Here's How It Works:

  • A Massport attendant will greet you with a claim ticket.
  • Customer provides return date and arrival airline. (This ensures your keys will be at the attendant desk after your return flight.)
  • Leave keys in the vehicle for the attendant to park.
  • This is a FREE service.

Picking Up Your Vehicle
Based on the arrival date, your vehicle will be parked in the garage when you return/

  • Pay your parking fee at the Exit Express payment machine.
  • Stop at the attendant desk on the way to the garage.
  • Present your claim ticket. You will receive your car keys, the garage level, and location of your parked vehicle.
  • For assistance, please call 617-561-1673 or 617-561-1678. (If your travel plans change - please call in advance).