Lexus Parking PASSport Gold

Never Worry About Parking Again

Lexus is now the proud sponsor of Boston Logan International Airport's Parking PASSport Gold program.

Ideal for business travelers and frequent fliers, Lexus Parking PASSport Gold combines the ease of touchless payment with the benefit of guaranteed parking. You have access to Logan's dedicated Gold parking areas including coveted spots in the Terminal B garage - and you don't have to worry about finding a spot during busy travel periods.


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When you enroll in the Lexus Parking PASSport Gold program for your exclusive Lexus Parking PASSport Gold membership, allow 7-10 business days from the time you enroll to the time you receive your card. If you will be traveling through Boston Logan soon, please submit your enrollment early and allow enough time for processing so you may have your card in hand prior to your trip.

Enroll in Lexus Parking PASSport Gold

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Upon successful enrollment, your credit card will be charged a one-time enrollment fee of $200 which covers the cost of the first year in the program. An annual membership fee of $100 is charged every year thereafter.

Lexus Parking PASSport Gold hourly rates are slightly higher than standard rates after the first four hours - but it's worth it for the peace of mind!

Passport Gold Parking Rates 
First Day:
0 - 30 minutes $3.00  
31 minutes - 1 hour $6.00  
1 hour -1 ½ hours $12.00   
1 ½ hours - 2 hours   $17.00 
2 hours - 3 hours $22.00   
3 hours - 4 hours   $26.00  
4 hours - 7 hours    $33.00 
7 hours - 24 hours $37.00   
1 Day & 0-6 hours    $56.00 
1 Day & 6-24 hours $74.00 
Each Additional Day  $37.00  
Additional Day 0-6 hours $19.00   

Location of Lexus Parking PASSport Gold Parking Areas

Lexus Parking PASSport Gold parking areas are located in designated areas of Central Parking on Level 3 and in the Terminal B Garage on Level 1. Even if the garage signs say "full" proceed in to the Lexus Parking PASSport Gold area of either garage.

There are two gated Lexus Parking PASSport Gold parking areas in Central Parking on Level 3. You can choose to park in the location that provides you with the best access to your terminal.

Lexus Parking PASSport Gold Parking Instructions:

Central Parking

  • Pull into the garage using any lane.
  • Wave your card in front of gate reader without pulling a ticket.
  • Proceed to Level 3 following the signs for your terminal.
  • Follow the signs to the gated Gold area near your terminal.
  • Wave your card in front of the Gold gate reader and park in the designated area.

Terminal B Garage

  • Before entering the garage stay in the far right lane and pull forward for Level 1.
  • Wave your card in front of gate reader without pulling a ticket.
  • Park in the designated Gold area on Level 1.

Exiting the Garage

  • Use any Exit Express Lane and wave your Lexus Parking PASSport Gold card in front of the reader.
  • Your parking fees will be automatically charged to your credit card and your receipt emailed to you within 24 hours.