Parks and Open Spaces

Parks give a city breathing space and provide its residents with quiet sanctuaries from the usual urban noise of sidewalks, streets and skyscrapers.  While Massport’s primary mission is to provide transportation services, the enjoyment that parks and open space bring to those living near its facilities is also an important part of Massport’s commitment to be a good neighbor.

Pier’s Park in East Boston is an outstanding example. This award-winning park recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and offers thousands of visitors each year the chance to enjoy a peaceful afternoon while enjoying the best views of Boston on a warm summer night while taking in the free concerts provided by groups such as Zumix, the Boston’s Landmarks Orchestra and others. 
2014 Best of  Boston Award - Best Green Space

Best of Boston

Across the harbor is another award-winning park, the South Boston Maritime Park, a joint project of Massport, Manulife Financial and the South Boston community, which provided input on the park’s design.   Community meetings generated themes and ideas for the park and local students gained valuable experience offering designs and layouts.  Working together, the community created a park whose nautical themes, canopied trees, mist fountain, pergolas, interactive public art displays and outdoor café give the community a place it can call its own.  The new park is also intended to be part of a larger open space system that includes the Boston Harborwalk and the Eastport Park next door.

The most recent addition to Massport’s numerous open space properties is the 18 acre Bremen Street Park in East Boston that provides children with a play area and spray pool, is home to the East Boston YMCA and offers garden space tended by local residents. 

More than anything else they do, parks should bring communities together.  Massport’s parks and open space do that by celebrating the city’s proud heritage and providing enjoyment to residents for many years to come. 

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