David W Davis Memorial Internship

DDDavid W. Davis was the longest-serving Executive Director in the 53-year history of the Massachusetts Port Authority, leading Massport from 1975 until 1990.

During his tenure Davis more than quadrupled Massport’s gross revenues, raised Massport’s credit rating to one of the highest in airport industry, rebuilt Massport’s passenger and cargo terminals, and created a small business export program that became a national model.  Helping to build a new Boston, Davis created a $500 million development program in partnership with private developers to reuse various waterfront properties.

Demonstrating a commitment to Massport’s neighbors as well as to its customers, Davis developed one of the very first residential soundproofing programs in the country as well as a path-breaking peak hour pricing program that Massport later adopted to ease airport congestion. "Kidport" was another airport industry first that Davis unveiled at Boston Logan International Airport in 1987 as the nation’s first airport-based children’s play area. It was also under Davis’s leadership that Massport established its own employee retirement system, which Davis later joined when Massport’s employees elected Davis to be their representative on the retirement board in 1996.

See criteria and submission information for the David W. Davis Memorial Internship. Please contact Alaina Coppola in Massport's Community Relations Department at (617) 568-3711 with any questions.