Boston-Logan International Airport Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)

Sustainability at Logan Airport

Massport has for many years been a leader in sustainability, with the goal of minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment and community, while maximizing the benefits it provides to passengers and businesses. The release of Logan Airport’s first Sustainability Management Plan in 2015 builds on Massport’s rich history of advancing sustainability. As part of the planning process, Massport developed a Sustainability Mission Statement:

“Massport will maintain its role as an innovative industry leader through continuous improvement in operational efficiency, facility design and construction, and environmental stewardship while engaging passengers, employees, and the community in a sustainable manner.”

 Sustainability Trio

In 2016, Massport published its first Logan Airport Annual Sustainability Report, which reports on progress towards Massport’s sustainability goals and targets. Massport also published the 2nd annual Sustainable Massport Calendar in 2016, which highlights recent sustainability successes and offers ideas for how employees can become engaged in sustainability activities at work and at home.


Defining Sustainability

AWARENESSThe Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), owner and operator of Logan Airport, is taking a broad view of sustainability that considers the airport specific context. Consistent with the Airports Council International - North America’s (ACI-NA) definition of Airport Sustainability, Massport is focused on a holistic approach to managing Logan Airport to ensure Economic viability, Operational efficiency, Natural resource conservation, and Social responsibility (EONS). Following the EONS framework, Massport has many accomplishments to its credit at Logan Airport.