NPDES Permit for Stormwater Outfalls

Massport's NPDES Permit (No. MA0000787) provides water quality standards for stormwater discharges from the North, West, Porter Street, and Maverick Street outfalls (Table and Map below). The North and West Outfalls both have end-of-pipe pollution control equipment for the removal of debris and floating oils. These outfalls handle most of the stormwater that is discharged from the fueling and maintenance areas at Logan Airport. Massport retains an emergency response contractor to monitor and maintain the pollution control systems, and to respond to spills and emergencies.

Stormwater Outfalls Subject to NPDES Requirements
Outfall Drainage Area (Acres) Major Land Uses  
North  145  Terminal E, Apron, Taxiway, Cargo Areas,
Fuel Farm 
West  557  Taxiways, Terminals  
Porter Street  130  Hangars, Vehicle Maintenance Facilities,
Cargo Areas, Car Rental Facilities,
Maverick Street  34  Car Rental Facilities, Parking Areas,
Flight Kitchen

Stormwater Outfalls Subject to NPDES Requirements