Water Quality

Logan Airport is surrounded by Boston Harbor on three sides. This close proximity to the harbor necessitates careful planning and management of airport operations to ensure that airfield activities do not adversely affect harbor water quality and associated sensitive natural resources. Massport has a comprehensive water quality management program in place to protect water quality at Logan Airport. This includes protection of surface water and groundwater and coastal resources from airport operations and during construction.

Massport's primary water quality goal is to prevent pollutant discharges, thus limiting potential adverse impacts associated with airport activities. Massport has employed several environmental protection programs to promote awareness of Massport and tenant activities that may impact surface and groundwater quality. Two such efforts, for example, are a Massport-instituted audit program to evaluate environmental compliance, and implementation of best management practices (BMPs) for pollution prevention by Massport and its tenant facilities.

In addition to implementing responsible environmental practices and BMPs, Massport provides guidance to its tenants. Massport also voluntarily participates in the Massachusetts Clean State and State Sustainability Initiatives, continuing its commitment to operate Logan Airport in an environmentally sound manner.