Noise Contours

A Noise Contour is a line on a map that represents equal levels of noise exposure. Massport uses the FAA computer model, the Integrated Noise Model (INM), to calculate annual noise contours. The number of annual flights, aircraft types and flight tracks are critical inputs to the contour model.

The attached maps present the modeled DNL contours for 2015 operations shown in 5-decibel increments for DNL values of 60, 65, 70, and 75 dBA. The contours are generated using Massport's FAA-approved version of INM 7.0d with adjustments to account for over-water sound propagation and hill effects in Orient Heights.

As part of its commitment to being a good neighbor, Boston Logan takes pride in its long-running noise abatement program and closely monitors complaints about aviation-related noise. All noise complaints are documented by Massport’s Noise Abatement office and the monthly data reports can be found here. Massport collects information including the nature of the complaint, time of the occurrence, locations from where the complaint was made, and the activity that was disturbed by the occurrence.

60-75 DNL Contours for 2015 Operations using INM 7.0d