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Boston Logan's Flight Tracking System

There are several alternatives for registering a noise disturbance related to Logan Airport overflight noise.  This interactive website allows the user to learn about general aircraft operations and to file an on-line disturbance report to Massport’s Noise Abatement Office.  Alternatively, to speak to a Noise Abatement Office representative, please call 617-561-3333 during normal business hours.  At all other times, an automated noise report line at the same number 617-561-3333 is available. Callers can leave a message describing the incident after providing contact information such as name, address, and the time of when you experienced the aviation noise.

When a complaint is reported, the date and time are researched and a response is generated typically within three to four weeks. The report will normally include detailed available information (e.g., aircraft operations, altitude relative to complainant’s address, meteorological information, runways in use and background information if appropriate). There are limits to the type of information that can be provided for non-Logan Flights, such as helicopters and small propeller aircraft.  Please note that repetitious e-mails within a very short time period will be treated as one general report of a noise disturbance. 

Noise Disturbance reports are shared with the FAA and Massport’s Department of Community Affairs. They are also reported monthly by community with the information posted on the Massport website. We encourage you to use Flight Monitor before making a noise complaint

Flight Monitor allows you to watch the time-delayed movement of aircraft within the Greater Boston area and from other airports that are in transit around the region. If you are a first time user of this system, please take a few minutes to read the following information, which will assist you in understanding and utilizing the full capabilities of this software.

Flight Monitor Disclaimer
Flight Monitor (PublicVue) is being provided to the community as an informational tool, which is designed to increase understanding about Boston Logan overflights. With this new software, it is important to recognize that there are limitations which include interference of signals and a ten minute delay for security purposes. Examples of interference would include temporary disappearing flights from the screen, only to reappear away from the airport. After a certain altitude or distance, flights will no longer be able to be monitored. Tracking aircraft is an intricate and intensive process. The performance is a function of many things including the airports’ surveillance system, its tracking software, what is being tracked, and where it is being tracked. There may also be “ghost” aircraft, which can be caused by interference from weather, transponder reflections from tall buildings, poor signals from the aircraft, or an aircraft’s position in relation to the surveillance source. Based on the type of aircraft and the operator not all aircraft identification information will be known.

Browser Compatibility
PublicVue works with most modern Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android devices. It can be run using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome as available on the respective platform. For the best user experience, the most current browser version is recommended. Though older versions may work, some features and display options may not be available. The recommended desktop browser is Chrome Version 31 or later. Though the system will work on smaller screens, larger displays are desirable for best viewing results. Due to the nature of the application, a reliable internet connection is required for the consistent display of animated data.

Quick Start Guide
Viewing Near-Time Data
Viewing A Flight's Properties
Replaying Data
Entering A Complaint
Viewing A Flight's Slant Range
Quick Start Guide (PDF Version)
Full User Guide (PDF) 

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Runway Closure Notice

Tonight, June 22, Runway 15Right/33Left will be closed from 2300 (11 PM) June 22 to 0600 (6AM), on June 23 for work related to the extended closure of Runway 4Right/22Left.

There will be an extended runway closure to Runway 4Right/22Left from May 15 until the end of June for a complete resurfacing of the runway.  There will be no flights using that runway when it is out of service during that period.