Boston Harbor Navigation

Deep Draft Feasibility Study

The U.S Army Corps (Corps) and the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) have jointly filed a Final Feasibility Report and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Massachusetts Final Environmental Impact Report for the Boston Harbor Deep Draft Navigation Improvements Project. The purpose of this project is to modify the existing Federal navigation project for Boston Harbor to provide increased channel depth between Massachusetts Bay and Massport’s Conley Container Terminal. 

A 30-day public comment period under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) commences on June 26, 2013 and runs through July 26, 2013.  A copy of the document can be accessed on the New England Distric Corps page using the drop-down menu at the right side of the page under Deep Draft Navigation Feasibility Study

Copies of the full document are also available on CD by contacting Stewart Dalzell at 617-568-3507.

Written comments on the project can be summited to the MEPA Office by July 26, 2013, as follows:

Mr. Richard K. Sullivan Jr., Secretary
Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Attn.: Deirdre Buckley, EEA #12958
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston, Massachusetts 02114