Air Passenger Survey

To better understand the ground access travel characteristics of air passengers to and from Logan Airport and to track historical trends of these characteristics, Massport administers an extensive triennial survey of air passengers. Since the late 1970s, the Logan Airport Air Passenger Ground Access Survey is one of Massport’s primary tools for understanding ground access patterns and evaluating the effectiveness of its policies and services. The survey is also used to shape the direction of ongoing and new planning efforts to encourage Logan Airport travelers to use HOV/shared-ride modes instead of automobile modes. The survey is the principal means of measuring air passenger HOV mode share, which is reported in the Logan Airport EDR/ESPR documents; a summary table is provided below.

View the final report of the 2013 Logan Airport Air Passenger Ground Access Survey, which includes a description of the survey method, response rates, survey questionnaire, and results. (A copy of the previous survey report is available here: 2010 Logan Airport Air Passenger Ground Access Survey.)

A new survey is planned for the spring of 2016; the results from the survey are expected to be posted here in the winter of 2016/2017.

Ground Access Modes of Travel
The table below presents the air passenger ground access mode shares for survey years 2004 through 2013. Even with growth in air passengers, the HOV/shared-ride mode shares have remained relatively level. Logan Airport continues to be one of the airports with highest use of HOV/shared-ride modes in the U.S.




Total Non-HOV Share 69.7% 72.3% 70.1% 72.2%
Private Automobile 36.0% 40.2% 40.4% 43.2%
Taxi 22.8% 19.7% 18.8% 18.6%
Rental car 10.9% 12.4% 10.9% 10.4%




Total HOV Share 30.3% 27.8% 29.9% 27.8%
Unscheduled HOV 8.1% 40.2% 40.4% 43.2%
Scheduled HOV 10.6% 6.9%% 8.2% 6.9%
Transit 6.5% 6.7% 7.6% 7.6%
Courtesy Shuttle 3.1% 3.5% 4.6% 3.3%
Other 2.0% 3.4% 1.8% 1.7%

Source:  Spring 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013 Logan Airport Air Passenger Ground-Access Surveys. Numbers may not add up due to rounding.