Environmental Reporting

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Each year Massport produces a comprehensive environmental report for Boston Logan International Airport in the form of either an Environmental Data Report (EDR) or the more complex Environmental Status and Planning Report (ESPR). Key sections of the ESPR/EDRs address Logan activity levels (aircraft and vehicular traffic), Logan planning initiatives, regional transportation, noise abatement, air quality emissions reduction, water quality management, sustainability initiatives and environmental mitigation tracking. The documents also provide status updates on Logan construction projects.

2015 Environmental Data Report (116MB)
2015 Environmental Data Report - Executive Summary (6MB)
Informe de Datos Ambientales del 2015 - Resumen Ejecutivo (6MB)
2015 Environmental Data Report - Technical Appendices (28 MB)

The 2014 Environmental Data Report (42 MB) and Technical Appendices (25 MB) is also available.

The  2012/2013 Environmental Data Report (37 MB) and Technical Appendices (25 MB) is also available. 

The 2012 Environmental Data Report status update is also available.

The most recent ESPR report is the 2011 Environmental Status & Planning Report (30 MB) including the 2011 ESPR Appendices (40 MB) which was submitted to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and discusses the status of airport operations, environmental conditions, and Massport milestones achieved in 2011.

The 2011 Environmental Status & Planning Report includes information on:

  • The 2011 ESPR expands the annual EDRs by presenting historic conditions at   Logan Airport dating back to 1990 and also includes a discussion of future activity levels through 2020.
  • Sustainability initiatives at Logan Airport
  • Passenger levels, aircraft operations, aircraft fleets and cargo volumes
  • Planning, design and construction activities at Logan Airport
  • Regional transportation
  • Key environmental indicators (Ground Transportation, Noise Abatement, Air Quality/Emissions Reduction, and Water Quality/Environmental Compliance and Management)
  • Mitigation status of Logan Airport projects
  • Secretary’s Certificate on the Boston-Logan International Airport 2010 EDR and other comment letters received on the 2010 EDR
  • Individual responses to comments received on the 2010 EDR
  • Proposed scope for the 2012/2013 EDR
  • Distribution list
  • Supporting technical appendices

Logan Environmental Data Report  (25.5 MB) was filed for calendar year 2010.