Program Goals

Resiliency Logo Improve resiliency for overall infrastructure and operations;

Resiliency Logo Restore operations during and after distruptive events in a safe and economically viable time frame;

Resiliency Logo Create robust feed-back loops that allow new solutions as conditions change;

Resiliency Logo Inform operations and policy, and implement design/build decisions, through the application of sound scientific research and principles that consider threats, vulnerabilities, and cost-benefit calculations;

Resiliency Logo Become a knowledge-sharing exemplar of a forward-thinking, resilient port authority; and

Resiliency Logo Work with key influencers and decision makers to strengthen understanding of the human, national, and economic security implications of extreme weather, changing climate, and man-made threats to Massport's facilities and the region.

The Resiliency Program will strive towards the goals above by making resilience principles, planning, and implementation an integrated part of business strategy and operations and will facilitate cooperation among key internal and external stakeholders to increase mutual security.  

Through these measures Massport hopes to model resiliency to both heighten our collective overall security and influence the global discourse on resiliency in the face of climate change and other national security threats.  

Terminal a walkway at night

Airport Road and Boston Logan International Control Tower photographed at night.