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Parking Garages-2,050 Space Consolidations
Contract: L1191-D1
Location: Logan Airport
L1191-D1 (25.7k) updated Thursday, March 13, 2014
L1191-D1 Consultant Briefing (363.1k) updated Thursday, March 27, 2014
L1191-D1 Responses to Questions RFQ 4-09-14 (54.6k) updated Monday, April 14, 2014
Opportunity Type Professional
Advertised Date 3/13/2014
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Qualification Due 4/24/2014 12:00 PM
Qualification Location Capital Programs Dept., Suite 209S, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Dr, East Boston MA 02128
Pre-Bid Conference
Capital Programs Dept, Suite 209S, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Dr, East Boston MA 02128
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Scope of Work The scope of work shall include, but not be limited to the following: (1) Collecting existing information and performing site investigations for two identified locations where the construction is planned. (2) Performing architectural engineering studies relating to pedestrian pathways and circulation. (3) Providing high quality architectural renderings of proposed interior and exterior finishes for presentation to the various stakeholders. (4) Providing architectural engineering studies for modification of existing and new features that allow seamless integration of the new structures into the existing garages, walkways, and adjacent terminals. (5) Performing field investigations of utilities and existing soils for the purpose of identifying conflicts, and determining foundation types and locations. (6) Preparation of preliminary layout plans and cost estimates to assist in development of a program budget. (7) Development of a BIM Model and management of a BIM xP (BIM Execution Plan) in support of Design and Construction. (8) Demonstrated experience in Lean Construction or long-term experience working collaboratively with CMs selected early in the design phase. (9) Preparation of contract drawings in a phased approach to allow for early construction packages as design is developed. (10) Preparation of final architectural and engineering design plans, specifications, and cost estimates for up to 3 design reviews for each design package. (11) Preparation of design which have high quality exterior finishes. (12) Evaluation of electrical, security, and mechanical systems to be incorporated into the design. (13) Preparation of high quality presentation graphics. (14) Assist in the procurement of a Construction Manager at Risk as per MGL Chapter 149A. (15) Preparation of bid documents for subcontractor and trade work. (16) Provide support services, field inspection, project controls, and resident engineering during the construction phase. (17) Manage construction closeout, including commissioning of systems, as-built drawing preparation, and O&M submission review. (18) Asset management database development.

Awarded To:

General Contractor Arrowstreet Inc.
Contract Value $8,000,000
Contract Awarded Date 9/30/2014