Capital Programs Resource Center

BIM Guidelines for Vertical and Horizontal Construction
BIM Guidelines detailing Capital Programs BIM and CAD standards and requirements for design and construction. Please contact the Design Technologies Integration Group (DTIG) for additional information.

Appendix A: BIM Uses
Capital Programs Guidelines intended to outline potential project BIM Uses and to assist the project team during BIM Execution Planning.

Massport BIM Roadmap Poster 2015 Update
Document outlining Massport’s BIM Vision for the management of MPA Infrastructure and Capital Investments.

Bathroom Design Standards

CAD/GIS Guidelines

Massport Floodproofing Design Guide
This Design Guide shall be used by Massport staff, tenants, third party developers, design professionals and contractors during planning, design and construction of the following projects at Logan Airport, Conley Terminal, Fish Pier, Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, or other Massport properties in South Boston.

Tenant Alterations

Airport Tenant Alterations and New Construction

Guide to Tenant Construction: Logan International Airport - 2016 Edition

Tenant Alteration Application - 2017 Edition

Tenant Alteration Application Deposit Form

Real Estate Development Projects

Project Review Process Guide Spreadsheet - 2016 Edition

Project Registration Process FAQ - 2017 Edition

Project Registration Form

Instruction Manual
Detailed guidelines on how to take your project through startup, design, bidding, construction and completion.

Litigation and Legal Proceedings History
RFQ/RFP Submittal Requirements

Prevailing Wage Compliance
Certified Payroll Reporting

Sample Construction Contract 
Sample contract that identifies contract information required.

Sample Professional Services Agreements
Massport has multiple forms of its standard agreement, depending on whether the work will be done airside or landside, and depending on the specific scope of work and the type of fee (not to exceed, lump sum, work order). All of these forms contain the same standard terms and conditions. The attached is a sample standard agreement for airside work with a not to exceed fee. If you are interested in receiving other forms of the Authority's standard agreement, please contact us.
Work Order - No Design Language - Standard Contract
Work Order - Design - Standard Contract (Finalized April 2017)

Signage Standards and Guidelines
Guidelines detailing the newly adopted Authority's signage systems and design requirements at Logan Airport.
Massport Wayfinding Guideline & Sign Standards

Stimulus Projects
Learn more about Massport projects receiving federal stimulus funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Sustainable Design Standards and Guidelines
Intended for use by architects, engineers, and planners working on capital projects for Massport, these standards apply to both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Note: To receive editable copies of the forms contained within this document, please contact Massport's Sustainability Program Manager.

Trench Permit Application & Supplemental Information

Massport's Comment Letter to EPA on Effluent Limitation Guidelines for Deicing Letter

Massport's Comment Letter to EPA on Effluent Limitation Guidelines for Deicing Addendum

780 CMR - 8th Edition Project Closeout Checklist

780 CMR - 8th Edition Permit Application and Submission Checklist