Capital Programs Resource Center

Instruction Manual

Massport’s Instruction Manual for Consultants has been developed to establish criteria and to clearly define procedures and standards related to the design and construction of all Massport capital projects. The manual helps to ensure that all projects are developed in accordance with Massport’s needs and criteria. The manual expands upon the terms of the Consultant’s formal, executed Agreement with Massport, but does not take precedence over the Agreement.

The manual should not be viewed as a rigid checklist but rather as a guideline to ensure general consistency and quality assurance on every project. It is the responsibility of the Consultant, prior to the start of the project, to become totally familiar with the contents of this manual and to make appropriate use of its instructions.

All the sections under Chapters 1-5 of the manual, and all the exhibits, are available below. Please contact the Capital Programs Department at (617) 568-5950 with any questions.



  • Chapter 1 - Starting Up the Project 

    • Section 1 - Understanding General Design Requirements
    • Section 2 - Understanding Specification Requirements
    • Section 3 - Understanding Drawing Requirements
    • Section 4 - Understanding Bidding Instruction and Forms
    • Section 5 - Understanding Construction Cost Estimate Requirements
    • Section 6 - Understanding Construction Schedule Requirements
    • Section 7 - Understanding Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Grant Requirements
    • Section 8 - Understanding Artport Policy
    • Section 9 - Understanding Logan Airport ID Card Requirements
    • Section 10 - Understanding Additional Services


  • Chapter 2 - Designing the Project
    • Section 1 - Understanding Project Design Criteria
    • Section 2 - Performing Preliminary Design Phase
    • Section 3 - Performing Final Design Phase


  • Chapter 3 - Bidding the Project
    • Section 1 - Understanding Pre-Bid Conference Requirements
    • Section 2 - Issuing Addendum
    • Section 3 - Performing Bid Review/General Contractor Recommendation
    • Section 4 - Awarding the Construction Contract